A listing of courses currently available from the IMechE

25th February, 2020 (London)
Introduction to UK traction and rolling stock
IMechE has developed this workshop to give a basic understanding of the role of traction and rolling stock within the context of railway systems as a whole.

26th February, 2020 (London)
Modern traction and braking systems
This workshop has been developed with SNC-Lavalin Rail to give a general introduction to traction and braking systems on trains.

24th March, 2020 (London)
Authorising rail vehicles and managing change: current processes
IMechE has developed this workshop to equip attendees with a basic understanding of vehicle acceptance procedures in modern railway fleet.

1-2 April, 2020 (London)
Vehicle dynamics and vehicle-track interaction
Understand the dynamics of railway vehicles to improve safety, comfort and asset life.

20th April, 2020 (London)
Train control and safety systems
This course allows you to understand and participate in projects that deal with control and safety systems – vital skills for experienced and aspiring railway engineers

21st April, 2020 (London)
Introduction to UK railway framework
All rail companies and stakeholders are required to meet specific requirements and this course provides an understanding of the framework which they work under.

29th April, 2020 (London)
Structure of railway vehicles: fatigue, crashworthiness and fire
This course approaches the methods, techniques and tools used within structural integrity, fire and crashworthiness, with a focus on rail vehicle design and maintenance.

9th June, 2020 (London)
Maintaining railway fleet: introduction
This workshop has been developed to equip you with a basic understanding of fleet maintenance regimes and processes.

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