A listing of courses currently available from the IMechE

7th August 2019 (London)
Rail industry hazards and risks
The course provides an overview of the typical hazards associated with railway infrastructure, rolling stock, operations and maintenance.

9th September 2019 (London)
UK Railway signalling technologies
An overview of railway control systems, subsystems and technologies used on UK mainline and metro railways.

17th September 2019 (London)
Modern traction and braking systems
A workshop developed with SNC-Lavalin Rail to give you a general introduction to traction and braking systems on trains.

17th September 2019 (London)
Introduction to UK railway framework
By explaining the various roles, relationships, legislation and regulation, the course will enable you to reflect upon your own role and how your company fits within the framework, and which requirements you need to meet.

2nd October, 2019 (London)
ERTMS introduction
This course provides an overview of what ERTMS is, its constituent parts and the challenges associated with its roll out. It will leave you better informed on how the introduction might affect your role and company, as well as how it works, its benefits and issues, and UK implementation plans.

3rd October, 2019 (London)
Authorising rail vehicles and managing change:
Current processes
The IMechE have developed this workshop to equip you with a basic understanding of vehicle acceptance procedures in modern railway fleet

8th October, 2019 (London)
Vehicle dynamics and vehicle-track interaction
This one-day workshop equips you with a general understanding of vehicle dynamics and its importance in vehicle safety, ride comfort, infrastructure damage and economic asset life.

30th October, 2019 (London)
Rail safety analysis
The course provides an overview of different qualitative and quantitative safety analysis techniques used within the rail industry.
It also provides guidance on which analysis method may be most suitable depending on the system or lifecycle phase.

12th November, 2019 (London)
Maintaining railway fleet: Introduction
Through attending this one-day programme, you will improve your knowledge of maintenance regimes and contractual arrangements and the key drivers of fleet maintenance decision-making including costs, reliability and safety.

13th November, 2019 (London)
Maintaining railway fleet: advanced
This workshop has been developed to give you a deeper understanding of fleet maintenance regimes and processes.

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