A listing of courses currently available from the IMechE

6th February 2019 (London)
Introduction to UK traction and rolling stock
Gives a basic understanding of the role of traction and rolling stock within the context of railway systems as a whole.

13th February 2019 (London)
Modern traction and braking systems
A workshop developed with SNC-Lavalin Rail to give a general introduction to traction and braking systems on trains.

21st February 2019 (London)
ERTMS introduction
This course provides an overview of what the European Rail Traffic Management System (ERTMS) is, its constituent parts and the challenges associated with its roll out.

14th March 2019 (London)
Authorising rail vehicles and managing change:
Current processes
A workshop developed to equip attendees with a basic understanding of vehicle acceptance procedures in a modern railway fleet.

26th March 2019 (London)
Introduction to UK rail infrastructure
This course provides an understanding of what rail infrastructure is and how the constituent parts fit together in relation to power supplies, signalling, permanent way and civil engineering.

27th March 2019 (London)
Rail industry hazards and risks
The course provides an overview of the typical hazards associated with railway infrastructure, rolling stock, operations and maintenance.

29th March 2019 (Online)
An introduction to Rail Industry Hazards: Learning from the past and shaping the future
This webinar will provide an overview of how past accidents helped to shape the industry today and what hazards the industry is now focusing on in order to minimise the residual risk.

2nd April 2019 (London)
Vehicle dynamics and vehicle-track interaction
This one-day workshop equips you with a general understanding of vehicle dynamics and its importance in vehicle safety, ride comfort, infrastructure damage and economic asset life.

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