A listing of courses currently available from the IMechE (Unless stated otherwise, all courses are in London)

27 February
Introduction to rolling stock
Provides a basic understanding of the role of traction and rolling stock within the context of railway systems as a whole

28 February
Traction and braking
A workshop with SNC-Lavalin Rail to give a general introduction to traction and braking systems on trains

14 March
Vehicle authorisation, acceptance and approvals
Gives a basic understanding of vehicle acceptance procedures in modern railway fleet

19 & 20 March
Vehicle dynamics and vehicle-track interaction
Provides a general understanding of vehicle dynamics and its importance in vehicle safety, ride comfort, infrastructure damage and economic asset life

3 & 4 April
Condition monitoring
A course to introduce the benefits and opportunities of Condition Based Maintenance within the railway environment and covers a range of techniques

11 April
Train control and safety systems
This course allows you to understand and participate in projects that deal with control and safety systems – vital skills for experienced and aspiring railway engineers

12 April
Train structural integrity
This approaches the methods, techniques and tools used within structural integrity, fire and crashworthiness, with a focus on rail vehicle design and maintenance

14 May
Signalling overview
An overview of railway control systems, subsystems and technologies used on the UK rail network

5 June
Fleet maintenance – Introduction
A workshop designed to equip you with a basic understanding of fleet maintenance regimes and processes

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