Taking a proactive approach

With its considerable stock inventory and its own innovative solutions, Scott Parnell has established itself as a premier independent supplier to the UK’s largest rail companies and projects

It was in 2012 that Dave Scott and Steve Parnell came together to establish the company Scott Parnell. Prior to this, both men had held Director level positions at civils merchants, with Dave being Sp 146 bjoint Managing Director of WT Burdens and Steve a joint owner of UGS Southern. Having enjoyed a number of successful years within the industry, the pair identified a space in the market for an independent supplier of construction materials.

Founded on a strong base of industry knowledge, the company has grown exponentially year-on-year to the point where today it has branches in Witham, Essex, Milton Keynes, Hirwaun in Wales and a satellite office in Romford, where its rail division is based. “As primary suppliers to the civil engineering and rail industries,” begins Ian Allwright, Rail Director of Scott Parnell, “our stock profile is huge and incorporates all types of drainage materials, from precast chamber rings to clay pipe, through to aggregates, geotechnical membranes, specialist chemicals and paving products. This is just a selection of the items that make up our more than 1000 product lines.”

Boasting strong relationships with the largest national suppliers of construction materials allows the company to ensure quick, efficient delivery of its rail specific items to customers throughout the UK. Among its many products one will find the ArcoSystem six metre span elevated trough, polymer and concrete ground trough, Cubis Multiduct, platform coping stones, offset tactiles, oversail blocks and track ballast.

Scott Parnell is the sole supplier of the aforementioned ArcoSystem, the only elevated trough approved by Network Rail to span six metres between fixings. “The simplistic nature of ArcoSystem means that more trough can be installed within a safety critical environment in a shorter period of time, resulting in dramatically reduced installation costs,” details Ian. “The trough slides through the connection plates as they all have a profiled ‘shoe’and returns at the top so that they cannot be lifted out. The troughs then butt up to one another, meaning that no fixings are required to be connected to the next.”

The company supplies two sizes of this elevated trough system, size one and size two. The former has an internal capacity measuring 100 millimetres wide by 160 millimetres deep and is able to carry 45 kilograms of cable weight per metre, while size two is 250 millimetres wide and 160 millimetres deep, and capable of taking 90 kilograms of cable weight per metre. With the aid of just one articulated lorry, Scott Parnell can deliver over 1000metres of trough, resulting in not only a reduction in time spent on site but also in the number of vehicles it requires on the road.

“We have worked on some extremely high profile projects, which have utilised ArcoSystem,” Ian explains. “Such projects include Crossrail Anglia, the Great Western Electrification Project (GWEP), Thameslink, Weaver to Wavertree re-signaling in Liverpool, West Anglia Main Line (WAML) and Gospel Oak to Barking Enhancement (GOBE). On each of these undertakings the product has been widely accepted for the significant benefits it provides.”SP 146 c

In addition to its vast stock profile, Scott Parnell can be equally proud of its ability to cultivate a wealth of range when it comes to its client base. “We take great steps to ensure the same level of support is provided to small groundworks companies as it is to the largest of blue chip organisations,” Ian continues. “Being an independent company within a market of larger Nationals means that the personal touch we offer is of huge significance to our customers.”

Scott Parnell’s staff possess many years of combined experience in providing advice and customer service levels of the highest standard. “We know how we would expect to be treated by our suppliers and, now that we have our own product in the form of ArcoSystem, we have taken those principles and applied them directly to the methods in which we present our product to the public,” Ian enthuses. “This has very much changed the way in which we perceive the market and in turn the way we are seen by our customer base. It is examples of this flexibility and continuous process of innovation that sets us apart from standard suppliers. We are most definitely a supply chain partner and offer levels of service that we truly believe are second to none.”

Listening to the feedback provided by its customers allows Scott Parnell to adapt the way it serves their individual needs, and thus improve the overall business all of the time. The company also has a Design and Specification Manager, George Woollard, whose sole focus is on interfacing with design houses, consultants and contractors in order to ensure that it can offer a dedicated service at the conception stage of a project, before then working closely with the teams responsible for delivery up to construction.

“We listen to the concerns, needs and aims of our customers in order to make the latter a reality,” Ian concludes. “Scott Parnell is maturing as a company andwill continue to grow in the years to come. This is due, inpart, to ensuring that we do the basic things exceptionallywell, while at the same time moving forwards with new techniques and innovations. We are most certainly not a reactive company, rather we are a proactive one and our impact on the market to date underlines this fact.”