Laying foundations

Working on rail systems behind the scenes both day and night, Strukton Rail A/S is on-hand to ensure optimum quality tracks and the effective functionality of rolling stock to make sure that trains run safely

Strukton Rail A/S is the Danish company of Strukton Rail Group, an international player with groundbreaking solutions for rail systems and electrical systems in rolling stock. The Danish StruktonStrukton b division was established during 2006 to serve in the field of turnkey engineering and construction services within the rail sector and today continues to provide a world-class level of service as part of the wider Strukton Rail Group. Core to Strukton Rail’s operating philosophy is the company’s dedication to observing best practices across the business, while serving its offices in the Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark, Belgium, France, Italy, Australia and the United States. The company’s trained and professional experts represent best practices in smart maintenance of railways, integrated rail construction and renewal projects, energy systems, logistics and support engineering and rolling stock systems.

In Denmark, the company has grown to employ around 150 highly skilled members of staff, generating an annual turnover of circa €45 million. The company is currently engaged in a major project to lay the track for Denmark’s first high-speed railway system, with an event at the operation’s construction site in Ringsted officially signalling the commencement of the laying of the track in October 2016. Once operational, the 60-kilometre long high-speed line will connect the Danish cities of Copenhagen and Ringsted via the port town of Køge on the coast of Køge Bugt. The event was initiated by speeches from the Danish minister for Transport and Buildings, Hans Christian Schmidt, Banedanmark’s CEO (The Danish railway infrastructure manager responsible for establishing The New Line Copenhagen-Ringsted) Per Jacobsen, and Strukton Rail Denmark’s managing director Jens Christian Jensen.

“We are proud to be contributing to the construction of the first high-speed rail in Denmark and our goal is to deliver the best possible quality at an affordable price,” commented Jens Christian Jensen. “We will construct the line in co-operation with skilled Italian colleagues and their advanced construction machine. I would like to thank Banedanmark for the great co-operation, which is characterised by a solution-oriented mind-set of both parties with a common goal.”
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Strukton Rail will perform this job in close co-operation with Banedanmark, while the double-track line will be completely electrified to allow passenger vehicles to run at speeds up to 250 km/h for passenger trains. The infrastructure should be ready by May 2017, after which the electrification and signalling systems and finishing works i.e. noise barriers will be installed and further extensive testing will be undertaken with the line is expected to open in December 2018. Preparation for the project required significant investment into new machinery and the further development of Strukton Rail’s infrastructure, with the project’s construction train projected to lay approximately 2000m of track per day. The track-laying machine will operate from the Ringsted site, with the first stretch of line to be laid from Ringsted to Køge North Station and the next phase connecting to Hvidovre. The final stage will be comprised of the final construction of the line between Hvidovre and Vigerslev. Seventeen sleeper wagons will be used in all, resulting in a total length of the construction train of 300m. Each of the track’s rails measures 120m and weighs 60kg/m. During the course of the project, no less than 180,000 sleepers will be used with each sleeper weighing 300kg at 2.5m in length.

Owing to the continued development and application of market-leading railway technologies and major on-going construction projects, 2017 looks set to join the previous year as an exciting time for both Strukton Rail and its clients throughout the rail industry. With safety always at the forefront of their minds, clients will continue to look to Strukton Rail to aid in the delivery of reliable technologies and robust railway infrastructure.