A listing of courses currently available from the IMechE (Unless stated otherwise, all courses are in London)

1 November
Introduction to rolling stock
Provides a basic understanding of the role of traction and rolling stock within the context of railway systems as a whole.

2 November
Traction and braking
Principles of traction and braking for railway engineers

3 November
Vehicle acceptance and approvals
Introduction to acceptance procedures which apply across the rail network

7-11 November
Introduction to railway signalling technologies
An overview of railway control systems, subsystems and technologies used on UK main line and metro railways

8 November
Fleet Maintenance – Introduction
Improve your processes and fleet maintenance processes

9 November
Fleet maintenance – Advanced
Understand the issues affecting rail vehicle performance and cost of maintenance

10 November
Train communication and auxiliary systems
New and existing systems in use on today’s rolling stock fleet

22 November
Train control and safety systems
Learn of the systems used on UK fleets that provide safety and train operational control

23 November
Vehicle dynamics and vehicle track interaction
Understand the dynamics of railway vehicles to improve safety, comfort and asset life

24 November
Structural integrity
Structural integrity, fire and crashworthiness systems found on today’s rail fleets

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