Robotic station cleaning machine begins operating at Hull Paragon station
A new robotic cleaning tool, the Robo 2, has been put to work at Hull Paragon station in a move that could mark the beginning of a wider deployment of the technology by Carlisle Support Services.

Robo 2 uses a patented laser navigation system to detect its surroundings, and automatically cleans the entire floor. Before going into operation an installation survey was undertaken to map the cleaning area. The machine now scrubs and dries the floor with minimal human contact. An operator simply fills the machine with water and switches it on.

Initially deployed by Carlisle at Hull Paragon station Robo 2 is supporting employees providing cleaning services for First TransPennine Express.

Paul Evans, managing director for Carlisle Support Services said: “We look forward to extending our offering of the Robo 2 to further clients in the near future.”

The new platform at Abbey Wood station is opened
abbey-woodWork to reconstruct the tracks and platforms used by Southeastern services at Abbey Wood station, in preparation for Crossrail, has been completed with the opening of a new platform for Kent-bound trains.

The North Kent line tracks have been realigned and rebuilt to make space for the new Elizabeth line tracks and platforms. In total, 4.5km of new track was installed. Meanwhile the new London-bound platform opened in February.

Work is set to continue with the construction of a new state-of-the-art station with new tracks and platforms for Elizabeth line services, which commence at the end of 2018.

The new station will incorporate a new ticket hall, spacious concourse leading directly onto a wide forecourt connecting the station to the Harrow Manorway Flyover, and new platforms for both Elizabeth line and North Kent services.

Music returns to Leeds station concourse
A new piano has been installed on the concourse at Leeds station after vandals made the popular original one inoperable. Donated by Besbrode Pianos of Holbeck, who had seen Northern’s appeal for a replacement one on social media, the piano has been positioned in front of the food outlets, and now provides entertainment for thousands of customers every day.

Shaun Pearce, station manager for Northern, commented: “It was upsetting and frustrating when the original piano was vandalised and lots of customers were asking where it had gone. Thanks to Melvyn at Besbrode Pianos, we now have another one in place and encourage anyone to get involved and play it! The piano really adds to the customer experience and creates a fantastic atmosphere in the station.”

Station energy saving scheme could power c2c trains for a week
LED lighting is being installed at all 26 stations on the route run by National Express train operator c2c. The scheme is expected save enough electricity over a year to power the entire c2c train fleet for a week.

Each light is fitted with intelligent control sensors which automatically switch the light off when there is no-one around or when daylight is sufficient.

The new lighting programme will save an estimated 1.2m kWh a year. This is enough to power c2c’s trains for more than 100,000 miles or 2,500 journeys, which is the number of train services c2c runs in a week.

c2c managing director Julian Drury said: “These new LED lights provide the ideal combination of a bright and safe station environment with reduced light pollution, lower energy consumption and less waste.”