“As the country faces a period of change and uncertainty, business must play a stabilising role. A positive, long-term focus on the future is required despite a referendum result that we and many businesses did not want. Business inevitably now faces a period of disruption. At AECOM we will work hard to minimise the impact on our UK operations. As a global company, we serve clients all over the world from our offices in the UK. Our strong team, diversification strategy and international outlook equip us with long-term resilience but we are well aware that many businesses are not so fortunate. It is [also] critical that the domestic agenda is not sidelined as the UK faces a minimum of two years of negotiations to leave the EU. Focus must remain on … progressing the UK’s ambitious infrastructure pipeline. Schemes such as HS2, Crossrail 2 and the Northern Powerhouse programme are vital to the country’s ability to compete on a global stage, which is more crucial than ever due to this referendum result,”
Patrick Flaherty, chief executive, UK & Ireland, AECOM

“There is uncertainty regarding the path ahead. This could trigger a dip in business sentiment and delays in FDI (Foreign Direct Investments). On a positive note though, Brexit could pave the way for Britain to expand trade relations with the rest of the world beyond EU, and this would especially help mitigate risks arising from excessive reliance on one trading partner,”
Frost & Sullivan’s senior partner and managing director for Europe Sarwant Singh

“It is more important than ever that the momentum behind investment in our urban and inter-urban transport networks is maintained. The evidence clearly shows that if we want a resilient economy we need to continue to invest in transport networks of the quality and capacity needed to meet the demands of our cities’ growing economies – as well as improving their connectivity with each other and the wider world,”
Dr Jon Lamonte, chair of Urban Transport Group

“The European Union map will be very different moving forward, but different doesn’t mean bad. As a 50 year old family business, Tratos was an early adopter of a pan-European and now global view of the market place for our cable. The company remains fully committed to cable manufacturing in the EU, for us it is business as usual,”
Maurizio Bragagni, CEO of cable manufacturer Tratos Ltd